Last Jar: The Art of Pickling and Preserving

May 16 2023 – Katherine Diabordo

Last Jar: The Art of Pickling and Preserving
Last Jar: The Art of Pickling and Preserving

If you’re a fan of pickling and preserving, then Last Jar might just be the artisan brand for you. Last Jar was created and is run by Harry and Fi, a dynamic duo whose combined skills in the kitchen have formed this unique artisan business. Harry, a trained chef from Lincolnshire, England, and Fi, a Food Technologist from Canterbury, New Zealand, call themselves ‘partners in brine’. They are joined by Fi’s brother Hamish and partner Margot, who helped with the brand and label design, as well as coming up with the catchy tagline ‘not your typickle’.

The Concept of Last Jar

The concept for Last Jar was created in June 2020, born out of a love for pickling and preserving, and a drive to start their own business and be self-employed. Before starting Last Jar, Harry and Fi worked together for a catering/food manufacturing company. One day, while Harry was picking up some sourdough starter from Fi’s flat, the two started discussing the idea of making pickles and condiments. The idea continued to grow over the next few weeks until Last Jar was created. Their goal was to create products that people would need as pantry staples and never get down to the last jar.


Proud Moments

As the Last Jar brand continues to grow, Harry and Fi have experienced many proud moments. From launching the website, brand and label design, selling fresh sourdough, meeting lovely customers at farmers markets, onboarding with new wholesalers, and seeing their products in beautiful stores and cafes, they have received amazing feedback from people. The list goes on!


Enjoying the Goods

One of the best things about Last Jar’s products is their versatility. Hot Damn Chilli Jam, for example, can be taken on hiking trips and added to sandwiches or dinner for the perfect amount of heat. Harry’s favorite way to enjoy the products is by smashing avocado on a slice of homemade sourdough, adding a handful of Miso Mushrooms, and drizzling with Peanut Crack Oil. Quick, easy, and delicious!


Aligned with Artisans

Last Jar is not alone in the artisan community, and Harry and Fi are quick to highlight their favorites. They love Tea Thief teas, all things Daily Bread, Apostle Hot Sauce for their amazing branding and products, and Kokako coffee.

In conclusion, Last Jar is an artisan business that has managed to turn a love for pickling and preserving into a successful brand. Their products are unique, versatile, and delicious, and their passion for what they do shines through in everything they create. If you’re a fan of pickling and preserving, be sure to check out Last Jar and their range of artisan goods.