A unique Kiwi product - Manuka Smoked Olives

May 31 2021 – Georgie Foot

Manuka Smoked Olives
Manuka Smoked Olives

Our olives are a combination of Kalamata and Green Olives from Greece. We cold  smoke them with Manuka chip from Southland and vacuum seal them in extra virgin olive oil for freshness. The result? A rich and and complex Manuka flavour that makes the perfect addition to your home entertaining.

Did you notice our olive packs go cloudy in the cold? This is because we only use premium extra virgin olive oil, which starts to solidify in colder temps. So it's best to keep them out of the fridge until opened!

When vacuum-packed, the oil compresses into the olives and mellows out the Manuka smoke that has been absorbed into the flesh. We don’t use preservatives or any artificial flavours whatsoever.

A top tip from us when serving your olives - pop them on a baking try at low heat for 5-10minutes and serve warm with a few springs of Rosemary.